Fault Line is that good!
Fault Line is a wonderful action-adventure story.  It is a real page-turner and I found it hard to put down.

Fault Line is Wonderful Action!

The story is compelling and replete with suspense and dramatic tension. The character development is superb and the research done on the geology of volcanoes is impressive.

Michael and Alison Miller are a very talented writing team. Their literary collaboration could very well lead to the development of a big budget film.  Fault Line is that good.


Steve Love, “former Big Island resident and band manager”.


Fault Line is light reading, something for a slow lockdown day when you wish you were somewhere else or a long flight to Hawaii. I liked it because the novel gave me a feel for Hawaii’s history and volcanic geology, accompanied by the romance and adventure that visitors to Hawaii look for. Being an ex-Big Island of Hawaii resident, it also provides a look into the authentic Hawaiian “dakine local” culture, something most tourists won’t encounter on a short visit to paradise. The Kindle version is not any more expensive than an airport bottle of water and lasts longer too.  
Budd Poston, Atlanta, Georgia


We visited Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island this past year. After reading the action packed adventure novel by the Miller writing team, our experience came alive! In Fault Line, the Millers have captured the majesty and epic scale of this geologically active volcano in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

William Bodenstab, M.D. Specialist
Alanna Bodenstab, M.D. Specialist



I loved reading Fault Line. There’s something exciting that grabbed me on every page. It really held my interest to the very end. With humor and action there was never never a dull moment.
Wil Welsh, writer, theatre director, Wailoi Properties, Kauai Principle Broker,


A fascinating book that held my interest until the very end!

Hazel Fehlandt, tap dancer on the Ed Sullivan Show and Broadway in the 1950s