Michael Miller is the owner and publisher of Big Island and Kauai Adventure and Romance Magazines, established in 2004. He has been writing magazine articles and working in promotions and marketing for 35 years. Michael’s visitor publications and web sites can be viewed at:

Alison Miller, a National Scholastic Writing Award winner for poetry and prose in 1994 and 1995, graduated from Brown University in 2003 with a degree in Comparative Literature. For twelve years, Alison has worked in education as a school teacher on Kauai and is the editor of her husband Michael’s magazines.

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Acknowledgments: The Korean Survivors of No Gun Ri Massacre, U.S. Korean War Veterans. William Britt for his creative cover design and help, C.J. Kale for his cover photos and images on Lava Light Chuck Blay, Hawaii Geologist, for his scientific advice, U.S. Army ex-Special Forces, Tony Colgrove, our military adviser. Wikipedia Commons, Katherine Von Pelt, Editor. Our copy editors – Matthew Toffolo, Dan Patching, and Julie Foss, who helped us with the manuscript.